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What is an NFC business card?​

Near-field communication (NFC) business cards enable you to share your contact information with a single tap. NFC business cards have two components: a digital business card and an NFC tag.
NFC tags come in several forms, like stickers, pop sockets, keychains, and physical cards. They contain tiny microchips, and when tapped to another smartphone, the information paired with your tag (like the link to your business card) automatically appears.

How it Works ?

Get the Card

The first step is to order your NFC business card from us. Once you’ve made your purchase, we will ask you for your contact information and any other details you would like to include on your custom web page

Set The Information

Using the information you provide, we will create a custom web page on our website that corresponds to the URL programmed on your NFC business card. This landing page will contain all the information you want to share with potential clients, including your name, contact information, and a brief description of your products or services.

Just Tap & Connect

Once you receive your NFC business card, you can start sharing your information with others. To do so, simply tap your NFC business card with an NFC-enabled smartphone, which will trigger the phone to open the default web browser and navigate to the URL associated with the NFC chip. The recipient will then be able to view your custom web page and access the information you have provided.

Pick The Card As You Like

The Ultimate Networking Tool for Modern Professionals

The card is designed to be sleek, professional, and easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it ideal for networking events, conferences, and other business settings.

Fun, Varied Workout

Never get bored on the way to reach your goal.

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